Breast Cancer And Giving Back


Welcome to by a happy married busy mom of a toddler and stage 4 breast cancer survivor who spent 2017 doing Chemo, Radiation and Surgery for Breast Cancer.  Thanks to GOD, good DR’s, Drug Trials and Research: my chemo gave me a complete response.  I will hopefully by the grace of GOD and new drugs: see my daughter grow up.  I want to give back what was given to me, help others have that chance, help keep the research going and to find a Cure for Breast Cancer. I want to help make a difference this 2018, will you please consider joining me in helping the Fight Against Breast Cancer and Finding A Cure as we give back. Anything makes as a result of your purchase from list of featured partners shops here on the blog: we will give what we make away to Breast Cancer Research.  Explore the links, products and shops here on our blog, click our referral links to shop so we can give back and help make a difference.

Shop our partners shop at Christian Strong and we will give back 12% of your purchase to help the fight against breast cancer and breast cancer research. Thank you for your support.


Thank you for helping the fight against breast cancer.