I’m A Webpreneur Mom!

Yes I am. Sometimes you feel the need to explain, but you don’t need to. Sometimes you feel like you need to say please don’t take it personal. If you are taking what I post and what others post in this world of online social media personal: reach inside of yourself and ask yourself WHY? If you can do that, you have reached a new level of AWESOME.

Welcome to the WebpreneurMom.com community. I work from home online. I’ve been a happily married online Webpreneur WIFE and MOM, living A Mompreneur Life, since 2002. I love what I do but it can be hard sometimes. You work for yourself so you need to motivate yourself, with the help of GOD as well. It can be especially hard when going through stuff. Like with me I’m a breast cancer survivor and mom of a 2 year old. Sometimes I need a lot of inspiration. Some days I post a lot of inspiration, things I want to save for ME, sometimes it’s JUST BECAUSE I like it.

I LOVE inspiring myself to be the best most positive ME, for my blessings and for all of the gifts God has blessed me with. They deserve the best me I can be. OH and yes, I’m honest, I say it like it is. That’s ME. Like it or not, that is who I am. You’ll find some people don’t like that. The right people won’t care. They will be by your side no matter what. So don’t change who you are to please someone who doesn’t really care anyway.

So, just say sorry if it becomes a bit much for some of you who follow this page of mine. If you are a fellow Webpreneur, Mompreneur and Home Business Owner you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Tell me, do you post on your personal page? Do you have a public page? Comment below and let me know your thoughts. I do try to post more on my public pages because it’s better that way, and better for business. Sometimes it gets posted on my personal page as well and that is ok with me. It is my life, my business, my webpreneur mom life.

You got to do what’s best for you.

Take care and make it a great day peeps. Be happy. Be grateful.

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