Praying For America, People, And Our Children!

Welcome to by Life By Teresa, the home of a happily marred stay at home mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer survivor who could not make it in this life with out the love of God and power of Prayer.  My thoughts expressed here are coming from a place of LOVE and a need to make a positive difference in the world. What is happening, what is wrong with the world today and what did the generations before us do wrong? We are going to lose something. Think about everything our parents, grandparents and generations before us lived and fought for. People need to speak up. People need to talk more with each other. People, you need to tell your story. People need to share your loved ones story, the story of generations before us who fought hard and died for our country. That helps bring Gratitude for what we have now. If we don’t have Gratitude, what do we have? What we have is a sad state of the world.

Don’t let them die forever because of a few EGO filled people, hateful people, and those who want to burn out the light of others, and disrespect all of those who came before us: because of EGO. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know, but it just makes me so sad to see what is happening to our world today: this is what my dear daughter and all of our precious Gifts from God are growing up in today. God bless America. God I pray for our Children, I pray for People, and I pray for the World we live in today. We need to kneel down to pray, pray, and prayPut God first, not our big fat EGOs.

Think about the generations before us and the youth of today. Nothing is more important than our children and bringing them up for success. To help them develop that success mindset is important. We are seriously lacking something here. Let go and PRAY. Anyway, that is my thoughts and rambles for the day. Feel free to share your comments below. But no HATE will be tolerated here the world has enough hate in it. Take care. Make it a great day peeps. Coffee cheers. Happy Monday.

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