Praying The Rosary For Mental Health And Addiction.

Happy Sunday. Someone’s post on Facebook inspired me to write this. I’m using a rosary that I purchased for my mom years ago when I was an affiliate with the Bradford Exchange.

God, today I pray for all of the sick hurting people of the world. I pray for those who need help with mental health, for those who don’t see and have knowledge of mental health disorders that they find what they need, for those with addictions: like drug addiction, slander-lies-gossip addiction, shopping addiction, substance abuse, need to control, behavioral issues and all the many different types of addictions that take over a persons life and the life of those around them, for all those with mental health disorders and addictions that they get the help they need, and for strength and peace for all those who are involved: the family, the victims, and the innocent ones who are hurt at the expense of those with mental health disorders and addictions, I PRAY in Jesus name AMEM.

My mission is to bring awareness and donate to a charity that can help with these issues. It needs to be brought up more often. It needs to be talked about. Mental health disorders, and all addiction’s need more attention, we need to help bring awareness because they affect so many people, so many innocent victims are involved.

Thank you for visiting and praying with me today.

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You are welcome to comment below to add your prayer intentions, to acknowledge blessings, and request prayers.

** Please if you or anyone you know is suffering in anyway and needs help seek the proper help as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting.

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