Teachers And Parents Play An Important Role!

Welcome to WebpreneurMom.com by Life By Teresa, the home of a happily married stay at home mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer survivor who could not make it in this life with out the love of God and power of Prayer. I was a preschool teacher at one time, before making the choice to work at home and be a stay at home mom.  Teachers and Parents both have the most important job and that’s teaching and educating children. Nothing is as important as helping to play a part in touching the future to make a positive difference in a life forever.

Thank you for taking the time to play a part in helping shape a child’s mind for success, for making a positive difference. I respect and appreciate those who play a positive part in the life of a child. Comment below and let us know who your favorite teacher is and why they have made a positive difference in your life? And please be sure to stop by and check out Preschool Pages, join us as we share, celebrate, enlighten and inspire others.

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