The World Today Needs A Serious Reality Check.

Welcome to by Life By Teresa. You have reached the blog of a happily married Webpreneur Mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer survivor who could not make it in this life with out the love of God and power of Prayer. Maybe I am looking through new eyes, just coming off of spending my 2017 doing Chemo, Surgery and Radiation treatments, Cancer changes you. It seems like the world today needs a serious reality check.  I think that history is so important.  I’m so grateful and thankful to those people who are brave enough to share their story. For all those who don’t even know what real hate, pain and suffering is you should be grateful for the good life you have and not hateful. I just have no room in my life for hate. Hate steals so much out of one’s life, Mind – Body – Soul. Life is too short for that. Love wins. You can’t LOVE too much.

I think it’s so important to remember what those before us went through, all of those who fought to give us our rights and a better life. I don’t know about you but I’m seeing so much selfishness in the world today. Just saying. Anyway I found this amazing video on Facebook that I shared on my Webpreneur Mom Facebook Page. Wow, what this lady and all those other people went through during this time is so horrible. Forgiveness is so POWERFUL. As soon as someone does you wrong just forgive and let go. Don’t hang on to it. It’s not worth it. For her to forgive after everything she went through is a great thing for her to do. Forgiveness is needed for one to fully be happy and healthy, for you and all of those around you. Teach the next generation how to forgive and LOVE. Watch it and let me know your thoughts. Read more: check out this video by clicking here.

Did you watch the video? Comment below your thoughts. I would love to hear what you think.

Take care and make it a great day peeps.

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