Friendly Cosmetics

Amazing new line of Lipstick, Makeup, Skin Care and More. This is a wonderful company offering the most beautiful products for your beauty needs. They are Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Sulphate Free products Made In Los Angeles.  We love it

Faith Makes A Difference

Faith gets me through. Prayer is powerful and will help you through some of life's toughest battles. Let go and let God. He has your back. Get the tools and products that you need to help you while on this spiritual journey. It's worth it.

Leggings and Clothing

Leggings are so comfortable. We have a very stylish line of clothes for you to check out, with amazing patterns for any taste you may have.  Shop online for the best selection of clothes and leggings you will ever see. Makes a great gift.

Celebrating A Birthday

We can help you find what you need for your Birthday party celebration. Celebrating a Birthday is a must. Your special day is worth planning a celebration for. Make good memories on your birthday with those you care about and who care about celebrating you on your birthday.

My Unique Boutique

Unique Boutique finds for life, home, celebrating, and gift giving. Visit My Unique Boutique shop and community for all of your Unique celebrating and gift giving needs.

Easter and Spring...

The spring season is full of reasons to celebrate. Visit Celebrating Easter and Spring shop and community to find what you need for your Spring and Easter needs. Let's shop, share, celebrate, and inspire all things Easter and Spring.